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October 1, 2021

Resuming normal operation (2021/October)

Japan Glider Club

During the period of the new Corona State of Emergency, our club has been operating carefully under various infection control measures, limited to members and related parties. During that time, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by refraining from visiting the venue for non-members. Following the “total cancellation of the state of emergency, etc.” on September 30, we will be able to allow non-members to visit the venue, including experience boarding.

However, since there is still a risk of coronavirus infection, we request that all visitors, both members and non-members, take the following infection control measures.

In addition, when participating in activities at Itakura Airfield, we recommend new corona vaccination to prevent infection and aggravation.

[Infection control]

  • Wear a mask as much as possible even during activities at the gliding field.
    • To prevent heatstroke, wear a mask depending on the situation.
    • Refrain from talking loudly during dining
    • Avoid the “Three Cs !”
      1. Closed spaces with poor ventilation
      2. Crowded places with many people nearby
      3. Close-contact settings such as close-range conversations
  • Measure your body temperature in the morning on the day of the event and enter it in the remarks column of the “Itakura activity record” when you visit. (For members)
  • If you are not a member, please measure your body temperature before you come to the venue, and fill in the designated visitor confirmation sheet with your contact information before you come.
    (Depending on what you check on the confirmation sheet, you may be refused to come.)
  • Participants should maintain a physical distance (2m) as much as possible.
    • Debriefing after flight will be performed outdoors before withdrawal.
    • Minimize work in the salon (up to 16 people) and try to ventilate.
    • Minimize the use of classrooms (maximum of 8 people) and try to ventilate.
  • When riding a double-seat glider, wear a mask and open the ventilator fully.
  • Wash your hands frequently and disinfect your fingers.
  • Steering equipment, chairs, radio microphones, etc. are regularly disinfected. (Prepare disinfectant)
  • Install contact-confirming application COCOA

Itakura Gliding Field Visitor Confirmation Form (excerpt)

When participating in activities at Itakura Airfield, we recommend new corona vaccination to prevent infection and aggravation.

Please check the boxes that apply during the two weeks prior to use. If you do not check any of the items below, please refrain from visiting.

□ Body temperature must be below 37.0 degrees C(98.6 F)

□ There are no symptoms of a cold such as fever, cough and sore throat, dullness, stuffy breath, abnormal smell and taste, heavy body, and easy fatigue.

□ There is no close contact with those who are positive for the new COVID-19 infection.

□ No one is suspected to be infected by close friends such as family members or people in the same workplace.

□ There are no entry restrictions from the government within the last two weeks, travel to countries, regions, etc. that require an observation period after entry, or close contact with the resident.

□ Must not have been tested positive for new COVID-19 infection within two weeks.

ItakuraGliderVisitorConfirmationSheet (PDF file)
If you are a visitor, please fill out, print, and bring it.


 The Art of Flying: Soaring
Most people wish to have freedom of being in the air at least one time in his/her life, and there is a way: soaring.
Flying without artificial power give a kind of ultimate joy that will be totally new to those who have never experienced it before. You can feel what is being aloft, what is sound of wind and what is surge of rising air, in our beautiful gliders.
 About the Japan Soaring Club (JSC)
The JSC was established in 1952 and has been pursuing the art of soaring for more than half a century (see Club History). Today we have some 150 members.
Our home base, the Itakura Glider port, is located about 90 km north of metropolitan Tokyo, and has a large hangar with a well maintained grass runway (1000 m x 60m in size). We do aerotowing only and there are no winch launching facilities.
We provide ab-initio through elementary cross-country training, plus basic acrobatic maneuver lessons (optional) to members of the club. The club also organizes a one-week long Glider Private Pilot Course twice a year that is open for any. Visitors and visiting pilots are always welcome of course.Basically, we fly on weekends and Japanese national holidays. Prior arrangements are required for other days.
 Weather around Itakura
We fly year-round, however, the main season for soaring is from February through early June. During this season, you can expect dry and cool upper air from Siberia and the Chinese continent that will make good weather conditions both for thermals and mountain waves. This makes Itakura one of the few places suitable for cross-country soaring in Japan. Due to the Pacific high system, the ceiling of cumulus clouds tends to be rather low in the summer. We focus on basic training and duration flights for the “badges” during this season. After a typhoon spell in August or September, we have a very comfortable autumn for moderate soaring conditions. It is usually very cool in middle of winter, but we do not expect any snow around the place. This enables us to run year-round.
 Club Fleet (including privately owned gliders)
Two seater Glider:
1 x Grob G-103 Twin II
1 x Grob G-103 Twin III
Single seater Glider:
1 x G102 Club Astir IIIb
Motor glider:
1 x Diamond Super Dimona
1 x Aviat A-1 Husky
There are about 20 privately owned high performance gliders at the glider port.
 Trial Flight for Visitors
You can fly in our two- seater gliders on any weekends and national holiday, on a weather permitting basis.
Rates:16,000 yen per an aerotow launch to 2000 ft (for 15 minutes),
200 yen for each additional one minute, including One-day Membership fee (3,000 yen).  13,000 yen per 2000 ft (around 13 minuets) moter glider flight.
All the flights are accompanied by qualified club pilots.
 For Visiting Pilots
To fly solo in Japan you need at least a Japanese Private Pilot Certificate or Student Pilot Certificate, plus a valid Medical Certificate. If you intend to stay with JSC for a longer period, you can consult with the club instructor in charge to convert your license into Japanese certificates. For a short visit, you should carry your logbook and licenses as well.Basically there are club members who speak English (not fluent, though) on each flying day, so you should not have any troubles on your visit, however, making a prior arrangement through our contact person (see below) is recommended.

FORM05-EN-Guest-Waiver-Ver06 PDF

Emergency Procedure PDF

 How to Find Itakura Glider port
By Train (Tobu Sky-tree Line and Tobu Nikko Line)

Access to Itakura by train from Kita-Senjyu station (in Tokyo) to Fujioka station by Tobu Sky-Tree line is as follows.
At Kita-Senjyu, get on board Semi-Express train departing at 7:57  for Minami-Kurihashi.
(You can get onboard same train at Oshiage station departing at 07:48)
Then get off at Minami-Kurihashi station arriving at 8:43, then change to normal train departing at 8:48 for Tobu-Utsunomiya. Then got off at  Fujioka station arriving at 9:08.
At Fujioka station, club volunteer car is waiting to pick up club members at 9:08,
so you could be picked up to our glider port.
When you arrived at Fujioka station after 9:08, you can take taxi from Fujioka .
You just say to driver “take me to GLIDER”!    It takes five minutes to Itakura glider port.

By Car (Tohoku Exp-way)

Get off at “Tatebayashi” exit, about 3 km after passing a long bridge. Follow the map.
If there is no congestion on the road, it should be 60 to 80 minutes driving from central Tokyo.
You can see the runway behind a long riverbank. You should park your car at the parking lot in front of the hangar (because it is sometimes very dusty on the runway).

 Club Facility
We have a clubhouse (attached to the hangar) with basic overnight facilities. A meeting room is also available. No bar or restaurant is provided, but drinks in the clubhouse at reasonable costs. Basic sleeping supplies is provided, but you should carry a sleeping bag if you make a visit in the middle of winter.
Chairman of our club will accept and handle any inquiry about the club. For weekend arrangements, you can contact the e-mail address of the contact person below. All the instructors and the tow pilots work on a voluntary basis.
 Rates for Membership Flight
Twin2 / Twin3: 1,200 yen basic fee plus 100 yen per minute.
Super Dimona: 400 yen per minute plus 600 yen for landing.
Plus  Towing:  6,000 yen for first 2,000 ft, 7,600 yen for 3,000 ft
(Note: prices are subject to change.)

Other gliders: by arrangements. Please ask one of club’s instructors on your visit.
 Membership Subscription
Membership is available to any person who wishes to fly, regardless of age and nationality.
Initial fee: 80,000 yen (non-refundable)
Annual membership fee: 108,000 yen
 Visitor Membership
3,000 yen per day per one person (not required if you have just come to observe).
Lodging: 1,000 yen per night and some additional fee for accommodation.
Itakura Office
Tel/Fax : +81-(0)276-77-0830
Address : Yokegawa, Itakura-cho, Ohra-gun, Gumma-ken 374-0101 JAPAN

    Let’s enjoy being in the air with the wind! We expect to have many visitors on any flying day.